Carter, J. Edwin: Living is forever

"…a crackling good tale full of exciting episodes woven in flawless suspense…It has crises of high drama when a great earthquake and tidal wave destroy the central government in Washington and leave survival tactics and recovery efforts to voluntary y citizens… It shows how women and men emerge into leadership and make vast personal sacrifices to restore order to provide for human necessities and to weave again a fabric of social relationships by localities and regions. The story is no easy panacea or wishful dream. Innocent men and women die in the struggle. Evil passions in good people seek to despoil society then, just as they do now…
"The book is exceptional from half a dozen different angles. It is an unforgettable story… The literary style and vocabulary are an aesthetic delight. The episodes of science and parapsychology are thought provoking even if one does not agree entirely with them. At least they are stated with restraint and plausibility. One’s inner spirit whispers that they also might be true if one could peer over the parapets of one’s prejudices,
- Rev. Dr. Bryant M. Kirkland, Minister Emeritus, The fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City
"This is must reading, for many, many truths were woven throughout the story of cataclysmic changes and aftermath. This one was truly ‘inspired’ by many unseen Forces surrounding the author. - Mary Summer Rain, author of the "No-Eyes series
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